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My Simpsons DVD Watching Routine


I just wrote about wrapping up season eight of The Simpsons on DVD.  Since I mentioned it, I thought I'd reveal my Simpsons DVD watching routine.

When a new season enters the home, I watch each episode twice.  I watch it once with James and Michelle the way it was originally broadcast and once by myself with the director's commentary on.  The kids are invited to watch the director's commentary with me, but James hates it when he can't hear "the real voices".

Both kids are showing great passion for watching The Simpsons and hockey lately, but my Spidey senses tell me they just like hanging out with Daddy.  They know 90% of my television time involves one of those two subjects and cheering on the blue and white and yellow delivers some quality bonding time.

Next weekend, we're chipping away at season nine.  Here's a classic take of one year old James mimicking Homer.

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