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The New Menu and My IE Shock


The new look of this site is one week old tonight, but I hadn't given it a solid look in Internet Explorer until this morning.  Sure, I gave it a cursury glance in IE to make sure the new code actually worked in the world's most popular browser, but my primary focus was how it looked in Firefox.

This morning I blew away the old main navigation menu at the top of this page in favour of a different look to complement the recent overhaul.  It was quite easy to get things where I wanted it in Firefox, but IE didn't play nice with the new CSS.  A tweak here and a hack here and I got her to an acceptable point for those viewing this site in Billy Gates' browser.  While I was in IE, I decided to click around and I didn't like what I saw.

For starters, the background image in the top left hand corner of this site seems to reload with every page change.  That causes an ugly flicker effect that you don't get in Firefox.  What's the point of clearing the image only to bring in the same image in the same place?  The CSS has it in the body tag and every page in this site is reading the same CSS file, so wtf?  For those of you not yet using Firefox, you really should give it a whirl and see what you're missing.  Furthmore, I hated how IE interpretted the line spacing I had in the CSS.  Why didn't any of you tell me that there was all that space between lines of text?  You don't see that in Firefox.  As a result, I stopped controlling the line spacing in the CSS file which seems to have fixed things in IE.

I won't bore you with yet another list of reasons why you should switch browsers.  I'm sure, like a chain smoker, you've heard all the reasons in the world to stop doing what you're doing but for one reason or another, you can't help yourself.  If you need a refresher on why you should get Firefox, here are all my entries that reference the word "firefox".

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