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Common Ground


When James was Michelle's age, we shared a passion for The Simpsons.  It was our common ground, the one show we both enjoyed and we'd watch episode after episode together.  This hasn't changed, in fact, we have a date for the season premiere tomorrow night.

A different show has become common ground for James, Michelle and I.  When the three of us are watching a little television together, it's usually a Sesame Street DVD.  These suckers are pure gold, grabbing the attention of the three and one year olds while capturing mine as well.  For one, there's the nostalgic value.  This was my show when I was their age and it hasn't really changed all that much.  I've written about the clever bastards as Sesame Workshop before.  In addition to this nostalgic value, they litter these DVDs with celebrities parents will enjoy seeing.  A recent DVD we purchased stars Jon Stewart and Conan O'Brien.  That'll get my attention in a hurry.  Finally, it's quality stuff.  Good music, fun muppets and characters you love.

It's nice sharing common ground.

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