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Regional News From Killarney


James and I just spent three days and two nights camping under the stars in Killarney Provincial Park.  We swam, caught frogs, hiked the Cranberry Bog Trail and took in Mother Nature during one of the sunniest and hottest weekends in Killarney history.  Most importantly, I didn't have access to a computer or a television, forcing me to actually unplug for an entire weekend.  This was good.

I did, however, bring along my MP3 player which has an FM tuner.  At night, with James sound asleep in his little Hot Wheels sleeping bag, I'd tune in CBC radio from Sudbury and listen to the news.  I just wanted to ensure everything would be where we left it when we returned.  From the moment we left our driveway in Toronto to the moment we pulled into our camp site in Killarney, I drove exactly 398 kilometres.  398 kilometres North West, listening to a feed from Sudbury, and guess what regional news I heard?  That's right, they're getting Toronto regional news up there.  In addition to national and international updates, I was being fed details of life in the big smoke, including updates on the garbage strike and local crimes.

I was grateful for the Toronto news as it kept me in the loop, but you've got to wonder what Sudbury natives feel about their news being bogged down by that shooting at Jane and Finch or the possibility of a garbage strike in a city 398 kilometres away.

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