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When Kevin McBride beat Mike Tyson last night, Tyson said, "I most likely won't fight anymore. I'm not going to disrespect the sport by losing to this caliber of fighters."  Assuming Tyson isn't lured back into the ring at some point so he can cash another paycheque, and that's a big assumption, Tyson has retired from boxing with a 50-6-2 record.

Last July, I wrote an open letter to Mike Tyson.  Here it is in its entirety.

Hi Mike, it's another Mike here. Unheralded British heavyweight Danny Williams knocked you out in the fourth round last night. Your professional record is now 50-5-2, but this is your first ever loss in a non-title fight. I'm begging you to hang up the gloves for good before you've completely erased any memory of your glory years.
I realize this latest comeback was for purely financial reasons and that you're $38 million in debt, but losing badly to a no-name has further tarnished your already tarnished career. I'm old enough to remember when you were unbeatable. I remember when you were the baddest man on the planet and punished all challengers. I remember playing your Punch Out video game on the old 8-bit Nintendo console and having a heck of a time beating you. I remember you wasting your first 37 opponents, usually in the first or second round by knockout. Your 38th fight was against Buster Douglas and that was the begining of a splippery slope in the wrong direction. Now you're 38 years old and a pathetic shadow of your former self. End your career before it's too late!
It's been sad watching your tragic fall from grace. You could have gone down in history as one of the best but instead you're known now for your soap operatic lifestyle that's littered with prison time, court appearances and massive debt. End your career at 50-5-2 while I still have memories of the youngest-ever heavyweight champion of the world.

I pleaded with Mike last July to quit boxing but he went out last night for one last kick at the can.  Here's hoping he keeps his word and stays out of the ring.  Few remember those first 37 fights and that's a damn shame.

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