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She's Growing Up, Right Before My Eyes

Baby Update

It's hard to believe Michelle is already ten months old.  How the hell did that happen?

She's got a great big smile and laughs a great deal.  She's been standing while holding on to something for months but lately she's been letting go and standing on her own for up to a minute.  I don't think she realizes she's not holding anything and when she does it we just go silent and stare at her achievement as if she had just climbed Mount Everest.  She loves joining James in the wagon for trips around the neighbourhood and being hoisted on my shoulders for daily dances.  She loves to dance.  She'll eat just about anything with those six chompers of hers and she's still pretty bald, as James was at her age.

She's so cute it should be illegal and she makes my day.  James and her are a deadly heart-breaking duo.  Now if I could only freeze frame everything exactly as it is right now...

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