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Back in September, I reminisced about listening to Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth call Blue Jays games.  In October, I revisted the subject when remembering Joe's homer.  Nobody does it better than Tom Cheek.  In fact, nobody has done it as often either.  Until his father's death on June 3rd, Tom Cheek had called 4,306 consecutive regular-season games plus 41 post-season games spanning 27 years.  That's every game in the history of the Blue Jays franchise.

Sadly, Cheek underwent surgery this past Sunday, his 65th birthday, to remove a brain tumour.  He still requires further treatment because some of the tumour on his frontal lobe was not extracted.

I hope I'll be able to turn on the radio and hear Cheek's brilliant call of a Jays game again soon.  It certainly won't be the same without him.  His voice is one I heard daily as a wide-eyed youth and he's by far my favourite baseball commentator.  As I said earlier, nobody does it better and he's already missed.

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