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A Double-Header Split

Slo-Pitch Results

We in Raging Storm played another double-header last night, this time against Attack, splitting the games winning the opener 17-2 and losing the closer 12-9.  We'll call this a tale of two games.

In game one, we absolutely dominated.  For a while, it looked like we would shut out the opposition.  This game was eventually called due to the mercy rule.  We attacked Attack with solid hitting, aggressive base running and near perfect defense.

In the second game, the hitting wasn't nearly as solid, the base running wasn't nearly as agressive and the defense was a lot further from perfect.  It was a game we should have won but didn't.  The "L", although deserved, was indeed a bitter pill for us to swallow.

This recap is dedicated to Andrea Vucko.  Andrea was psyched and ready to play two but had to shut it down for the night after skinning her knee on a slide into second following her very first at bat of the night.  Andrea, I empathize.  Read all about it.

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