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Mini Cones

Mini Cones

Once I told Taryn how much James enjoyed an ice cream cone at his grandmother's house, she added ice cream cones to the grocery list.  I wasn't with her when she bought the mini cones, but I wish I was.

As I understand it, there were these mini cones in a box next to the regular ice cream cones.  Taryn chose the mini cones because James is sort of a mini person.  She figured they'd be a little smaller than the regular cones and would therefore be easier for the little dude to handle.

Calling these cones "mini" doesn't do them justice.  They're puny little things.  It's almost impossible to get ice cream into them because there's no spoon small enough for the job.  Seriously, these ice cream cones are laughably miniature.  I accidentally inhaled one of these so-called cones moments ago.

We laugh every time we offer James a treat.  Even James looks a little disappointed when he's handed his mini cone.  I don't blame Taryn, bless her heart, but she should have been tipped off when she saw this small box contained 72 cones.  We're none of us perfect I suppose.

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