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"I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time."

Recognize the reference? It's from Bush's "Glycerine" on Sixteen Stone.

It's either the most profound writing of the 20th century or the silliest garble to come out of a Brit's mouth since Davy Jones remarked "Your eyes are like cupcakes floating in a sea of sour cream."

Personally, I dig it. Bush got it right this time.  There's certainly a unique solitude when surrounded by a group of people.  Heck, I sometimes feel my lonliest in a crowd.

I'm sure Gavin Rossdale just thought it sounded cool. Isn't this the same guy who's threatening to fly to Los Angeles to find his non-existent brother. What a dork.  Sixteen Stone is still a good CD though.  Thank God for Nirvana...

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