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Your Neighbourhood Barbershop

In my neighbourhood of New Toronto, there's this great storefront that always captures my attention. Here's how it looks today.

With my hair out of control, it was time to rein it in. I made an appointment with the owner, a nice chap named Andy, and biked over this evening for a haircut. Here's how it looked when I arrived.


Here's how I looked when I left.

After (with Andy)

I knew I was in good hands when I heard Queens of the Stone Age playing. And besides, check out the vibe. This was my kind of place.

Andy, who I learned is also a musician with a new album being mastered by Scott Middleton, founding guitarist of Canadian hardcore band Cancer Bats, did a great job. And it was a fun convo. I should have recorded it!

Your Neighboiurhood Barbershop can be found at 2858 Lake Shore Blvd W in the heart of New Toronto.

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