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Phoenix Concert Theatre at 410 Sherbourne St. Closing After 33 Years

The Phoenix is closing its doors for good on January 15, 2025. Before it was the Phoenix, it was the Diamond, but all of my memories of 410 Sherbourne were of The Phoenix where I spent many a night in the 90s.

I've also seen many concerts at The Phoenix, catching Weezer, Sloan and others. My last visit there was just this past winter when there was a Live-To-Air reunion in honour of Martin Streek. Amongst the people I saw there that night were Kim MacDonald and Chris Pack, a CFNYer who worked closely with Streek on the CFNY Video Roadshow. We literally talked all about that last night when Kim and Chris visited me for an episode of Toronto Mike'd.

Kim MacDonald and Chris Pack: Toronto Mike’d Podcast Episode 1502
In this 1502nd episode of Toronto Mike’d, Mike chats with husband and wife Kim MacDonald and Chris Pack about their favourite songs of all-time. Along the way, we pay tribute to Martin Streek while discussing Chris’s time at CFNY. This episode is exactly 1:48:14 You can listen to this episode in a …

The Phoenix is done, but I'll always have the great memories from a time I could stay up very late and lose myself in the music. Bring on the 456-unit, 39-storey residential building.

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