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2023 Toronto Mayoral By-Election

Remember February when there was a John Tory sex scandal? Yep, that happened.

With Tory's resignation, a by-election was called, and June 26 is the big day. Many of us have already cast our ballots, but for most Torontonians, they'll do that tomorrow.

Over the last couple of months, I'd receive emails or tweets asking me to have Olivia Chow on Toronto Mike'd, or Chris Sky, or that Gong guy, or Mark Saunders, or Chloe Brown... you get the idea. My rule with regards to active politicians guesting on Toronto Mike'd is that I won't pursue any, but if they request to come on, and I deem them of a certain stature, I'll record the conversation.

I added that "stature" caveat because there are 102 candidates in this election, and I'm not willing to sit down with all 102. With election day tomorrow, I only recorded episodes with two candidates, and I enjoyed both conversations.

My only caveats are:

  • We record in-person
  • I get at least one hour
  • There are no parameters with regards to what I can or cannot talk about

First to visit was Brad Bradford, who listens to Toronto Mike'd and loves it. He was my guest for episode 1269.

Last to visit was Ana Bailão. She was my guest for episode 1279.

Brad and Ana are now FOTMs, but that's not an endorsement or indicative of who I've voted for, but I think it's very cool they were willing to visit and sit down with me for 60+ minutes. I have great respect for that.

Vote for your candidate of choice, but if you can vote, please do. Good luck!

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