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Solar Power in Ontario

Longtime readers of this blog will remember Blackberry Ry.  Ryan was a staunch defender of all things Blackberry and was even nice enough to lend me a Blackberry Playbook. Ryan's no longer with Blackberry and is now working with the sun.  I'll let him explain further in this guest blog
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Miss Manners Gets Shanked

We're supposed to be a modern, civil society.  We're supposed to be polite to each other, share public spaces and practice acts of common courtesy. As such I've heard of instances of people spotting another person dumping trash on the street, and then approaching that person, and politely saying "oh
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311 Is A Joke

Actually, 311 has worked quite well for me, but I was curious about the experiences of other Toronto Mike readers. I just thought it was clever of me to make a reference to Public Enemy's song. I'm modest that way. Anyway, If you're not from Toronto and/or not familiar
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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following entry from Anthony. Bingo is a popular game in Canada. This should come as no surprise, since Canada is a former British colony. While Britons prefer 90 ball bingo games, Canadians prefer the traditional
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Well Toronto. The last 9 attempts at victory have been pretty much futile. It’s been a miserable run, and I am beginning to get very very concerned. Each time I’ve held my breath, hoping for success, only to be disappointed yet again. How long can this go on?
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