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Sit down, Douchebag

If you ever find yourself at a Leafs game, sitting on the side of the rink where the broadcast tv cameras are, perhaps about 3 rows from the ice, deep in the zone on either side near the nets, and you see Douchebag stand up and wave to the camera as the play comes by that area, please promise me you'll stab him, and stab him good.

Douchebag will sometimes be wearing a Leafs jersey, be about 23 years of age, and often for games in December, also sporting a Santa cap and holding a beer.

Douchebag may be the same Douchebag you see sitting behind home plate at Jays games, often on his phone, texting all his other Douchebag friends to turn on the game to see Douchebag on television.

So do your part, and stop Douchebaggery in all forms.
Your country thanks you for it.

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