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311 Is A Joke

Actually, 311 has worked quite well for me, but I was curious about the experiences of other Toronto Mike readers. I just thought it was clever of me to make a reference to Public Enemy's song. I'm modest that way.

Anyway, If you're not from Toronto and/or not familiar with 311, it's the City's telephone number you call to complain about stuff. You know, potholes, litter, naked hobos on your lawn. Junk like that.

I've used the service frequently, and 95% of the time the experience was quite positive. Friendly, responsive and easy to access. And when I say 95% I mean it - 95% exactly. I worked the equations and crunched the formulas. I don't fuck around with math, unless math looks a little like Amanda Seyfried.

So, share your 311 experiences here.

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