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Buying Essays Online: Who Does It?

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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following entry late last week from Kieran.

I hate cheating. This is my personal life position. I always try to complete everything in my life by myself. It can either be my car repair, or my college paper, or even my GF (I hate THAT kinds of cheating too). But my last crazy party ended up with F mark for English Literature, so I had to rewrite my essay in one day. And that was the only moment when I told to myself that cheating is not that bad and that I can use some help from professionals. So I googled "college paper" and found this one -
First thoughts were like - Oh. These guys just want my money and their office is in Pakistan (for sure). The problem was - that I didn't have any time at all. So I told them my VISA numbers, gave them all they need and chose "highest urgency" level. They called me 3 minutes after that - nice voice (it didn't sound like India or Pakistan) asked me about my order - I told them all I knew. I don't want to give you more details - this stuff is boring, they sent me my paper in 5 hours, I got B and my professor was happy (as was I, for sure). So what is the conclusion? Order your essays at that site? Well... only if you need to. Party all the time? Also nope. Always think about tomorrow and don't let cheatin' happen.

I have never purchased an essay for school.  Then again, I graduated in '98 and every essay I wrote was based on research I did in actual paper books borrowed from libraries both on campus and off.  Sometimes the books I needed weren't allowed to be taken out of the library and I had to do all my work there.  These were some seriously tough times.

But writing essays was a strength of mine, and if I put in the work, I always got good results.  I honestly believe that if I were in university today I'd still write every one of my essays and wouldn't be tempted by essay writing services.  But then again, I also hate paying for things I can do myself.  So I'm not certain if my reasons are wholly moral in nature or self serving to save a buck and ensure a good grade.

What about you?  Have you ever submitted an essay you didn't write?  Did you ever pay for an essay?  How'd that work out for you?

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