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Brooke Shields stars in The Exorcist

So I happen to be a gigantic fan of what I consider one of the best films of all time - The Exorcist.

There have been embarrassing sequels, awful prequels, spoofs, copycat films, tribute sites and even Exorcist action figures complete with spinning heads and R-rated sound effects.

It's no surprise then that there is now a theatrical version of The Exorcist being staged in Los Angeles this summer, and Brooke Shields is playing Chris Macneil, the mother of the possessed girl Regan.

I was wondering if the experience might be similar to going to Marineland, where there's an announcement before the show warning patrons that those in the first few rows will get wet - only with The Exorcist it's fake projectile vomit.

Would you see this if it was on stage in Toronto?

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