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Carly Myers Quits Radio Gig at 102.1 the Edge

99.9% of Toronto Mike'd episodes drop shortly after the recording ends. It's not uncommon for me to tell my guest as we take a photo by the tree that the episode will be in the feed in 10-15 minutes. That's how I roll!

But for episode 1021, I recorded a Zoom with several CFNY personalities (past and present) and added audio bits and am waiting until I record and drop episode 1020 so it will be episode 1021. See what I'm doing there?

In episode 1021, which looks like it will drop on March 25, we discussed Stu Myers being the program director in the 90s, and with current morning show host Jay Brody on the call, I pointed out that Stu's daughter was a current on-air host at the station. Carly had been hosting on CFNY for six years, and it didn't occur to me that this observation could time-stamp the conversation.

Today we learned Carly is leaving 102.1 for another opportunity in radio. She just wrapped up her final shift on 1021. the Edge. Good luck Carly, and please excuse the dust on episode 1021 of Toronto Mike'd.

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