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Corus Quay by Sugar Beach: A Tour

I rode to Corus Quay this afternoon, Corus's HQ by Lakes Ontario beside Sugar Beach. An FOTM with a security pass got me full access to every nook and cranny.

It's really a typical office scene with a kitchen, boardrooms, communal spaces and cubicles galore. There's a section for 102.1 the Edge, another for Q107, another for 640 and another for Global Television. I got to see the library of old DAT tapes and, most interesting to me, the various walls of music memorabilia. I also got to meet the Queen.

The Queen

There was one Maple Leafs-themed meeting room known as the Home of the Leafs. That takes me back to the time 640, and even Q107 for a brief spell, was where you'd hear Joe Bowen calling Leafs games and FOTM Andy Frost hosting Leafs Talk after the game.

When Corus first opened their new office by the lake, much was made of the slide you could take to get from the second floor to the ground floor. I'm not sure how long it was in use before they shut it down as a safety hazard. There's no breaking into this slide now.

I'll keep the secret identity of the FOTM who gave me a tour of Corus Quay this afternoon a secret, but I will say that I was thoroughly impressed by his technical production.

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