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Icy Humber Bay Arch Bridge #biketo

Yesterday, I hit the Waterfront Trail for a bike ride. My destination was Ontario Place, and since I live in New Toronto, that meant riding over the Humber Bay Arch Bridge.

On many a winter ride I've wondered to myself why the worst spots are the bridges. Quite simply, the bridges aren't maintained at all. So while the trail may be plowed and salted, the bridges are left for nature to take its course.

Yesterday, the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, a bridge over the Humber River where it meets Lake Ontario, was a sheet of ice. Forget cycling over it, it wasn't even safe to walk. That prompted this tweet.

That tweet got enough traction that I just returned to the Humber Bay Arch Bridge to take a little video.

Video of the icy Humber Bay Arch Bridge

As you heard me say in that video, the trail to the west and east of the bridge is clear and dry. It was clearly plowed and salted after the snow storm.  If you know why the City of Toronto completely ignores the Humber Bay Arch Bridge in the winter, let me know.

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