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The Polarizing Whale

When my wife and I watch a movie together, we usually save our thoughts on the film until the end when we look at each other and make the reveal. The exception I suppose is an awful movie when we look at each other after 10 minutes and decide to bail. Usually, when we finish a film, our reviews are similar. Sometimes she likes a movie more than I did, or I like a movie more than she did, but generally speaking we're usually in the same ballpark.

This past weekend, we watched Darren Aronofsky's The Whale. When it ended, I was prepared to stand up and give the movie an ovation. I looked at my wife and exclaimed, "I loved it!"

No sooner were the words escaping my mouth than I heard her saying "I hated it!'

We had polar opposite reaction, a true rarity! What a chasm. Not only did I think Brendan Fraser's performance was Oscar-worthy, but I thought the film should have been nominated. Do I want to live in a world where Maverick gets nominated and The Whale does not?

What did you think of The Whale? Did you love it as I did or did you hate it as my wife did?

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