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NBA Courtside Restaurant Set to Add to Toronto’s Thriving Nightlife Scene

The fact that Canada will be home to the first-ever NBA Courtside restaurant says a lot about how thriving the entertainment scene is over here. It also highlights how, despite basketball first emerging in the USA, the NBA is just as massive up here at the tip of North America, with a rich history of players such as Steve Nash coming through the ranks. After all, the guy who invented it was a Canadian living down there, wasn’t he?

This new hotspot is set to add to the already thriving array of entertainment options in Toronto and could spark a new chain of restaurants.

New Restaurant Pays Homage to NBA

Basketball fans have been told to rejoice as the first ever NBA-inspired eatery will be coming to Toronto soon. The NBA Courtside Restaurant has been described as a “premium, sports-inspired dining experience” and will be located a stone’s throw away from the Toronto Raptors’ Scotiabank Arena.

The restaurant’s concept is that it will recreate the feeling of being sat in the best seats of an NBA game, with a dining experience that reflects the journey that the top players have to embark on if they want to make it in the game. It will detail the various stages from dreaming about playing with the stars to becoming a champion in the world’s best basketball league.

The fact that Toronto has been chosen as the spot to open this restaurant highlights what a rich basketball culture there is here. There’s a good chance that this eatery will go on to be a success, and could lead the NBA Courtside to become a chain throughout North America.

Adding to the Buzzing Entertainment Scene

The addition of this fresh and original restaurant will improve Toronto’s entertainment scene further and give people another reason to visit the city. As it stands, there are loads of other incredible things to do in the evening here. For instance, dancing lovers can go to spots like Bambi’s, and laugh seekers can head down to the Comedy Bar.

There’s also a thriving casino scene in the city, with three key gambling spots to choose from. The popularity of this form of gaming is reflected by the booming online casino scene, where players can enjoy a variety of games in an internet setting. Players can even get advice about the best casino bets, so they know which ones are the most worthwhile. These include craps, which has an RTP of 100 percent, and single deck blackjack, which has an RTP of 99.75 percent.

The food scene is already world famous in Toronto as well, with the city often described as foodie heaven. It has everything from fine dining options to traditional businesses, meaning that there’s something here to suit everyone’s tastes.

There’s no doubt that when the new NBA Courtside restaurant opens, it will attract a lot of customers. Toronto is full of foodies and basketball fans, so the restaurant seems like the ideal place to hang out. It will most certainly elevate the already booming entertainment scene in the city.

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