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12 VPN Uses You May Not Know About

Virtual Private Network (VPN) keeps your personal information secure from any person who is not authorized. In short, it provides an extra layer of protection when using the internet. A VPN works by encrypting your online activities, hiding your IP address, and keeping any information about you away from spies. However, there is something else you should know. A VPN does more than protect your information. Even though this is its primary role, there are other things you benefit from using n VPN. We will discuss twelve things that a VPN allows you to do:

Increased Streaming Video Content

In addition to privacy and safety, a VPN increases the availability of video content you can stream online. This is because the technology intercepts the network and allows you to access videos available to specific countries. A VPN will enable you to expand your interest results and a library of available content. This way, you can access content from any part of the world. For instance, if you want to get content from Switzerland, you can get a Switzerland VPN on to access the content you need from the country. Furthermore, a good VPN can also permit you to block content. Regardless of your location, using the VPN allows you to access even the videos not allowed in your country.

Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

Another benefit of using a VPN is preventing bandwidth restriction. If an activity needs a large internet bandwidth, you may be targeted with bandwidth throttling by your ISP. Your ISP will try to reduce the bandwidth you are using to regulate network traffic. This affects your internet speed. The work of a VPN is to prevent ISP tracking so that you remain within the bandwidth you need. The VPN encrypts your traffic so that the ISP cannot see your activity.

Commenting Anonymously

Many employees are afraid of commenting about anything in their company. They are worried about leaving reviews, especially when they are negative reviews. This goes the same for anyone wishing to leave a public comment. You can be sued for commenting about anything or leaving a review. The good thing about using VPN is that it allows you to comment anonymously by hiding your identity. This way, you can write honest comments and reviews without being afraid of being identified.

Protection When Using Public Wi-Fi

Many public places like hotels, hospitals, schools, libraries, and airports offer free Wi-Fi. You may need to use the Wi-Fi while waiting for your flight or relaxing in your hotel room. This means that you will need to use your passwords and other sensitive details to do various things. Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi is a rich ground for hackers. It is not hard to intercept traffic on public Wi-Fi. However, you can be safe from hackers by using a VPN to encrypt your data. This way, it is not easy to intercept it.

Save Money on Traveling

It is also possible to save money on traveling with your VPN. Remember, travel tickets are priced based on the location you are from. You can switch your VPN on when booking a ticket to save money. Prices are low and high based on geo-location. Therefore, not detecting your location allows you to get low prices before booking your ticket.

Safe Online Shopping

If a VPN can allow you to get cheap ticket prices, you can also shop online, even when you are on vacation. Even when traveling abroad, your location will not reflect on the website. A VPN allows you to get around so that you can easily shop for a product without worrying about a price change.

Access Your Home Network

There is a high chance that your main desktop that carries all types of files and connects your home network to other devices is at home. That means you have to leave it behind whenever you are away from home. It is possible to access your file remotely, but you must ensure their security to do this. A VPN makes this possible.

Safely Download and Upload Files

File sharing is a common thing, but ISP is not thrilled with P2P file sharing in most cases. The result is a slow connection speed, and ISP may also restrict sharing of files on specific websites. Moreover, all the people using the same network have access to each other’s addresses. This poses a huge security threat and provides opportunities to cybercriminals. With a VPN, your details are hidden, and you can safely upload and download files.

Improved Privacy

A VPN keeps your online activities private. If you have messaging apps, you can enjoy end-to-end encryption to ensure your conversations are not seen by spying people. A VPN provides no one can intercept your conversations, improving openness and comfort when chatting. It also protects the content in your calls when using services like VoIP, WhatsApp, or Skype.

Speed Up Gaming

If you are an online gamer, using a VPN can help improve the speed of your game. As mentioned earlier, a VPN prevents ISP tracking such that your internet speed does not reduce. You can increase your speed online and avoid throttling on gaming websites. Furthermore, you need to keep your details safe if you are using gambling sites since this is another potential ground for hackers.

Outdoing Hackers

If you have a firewall, your device and information are safe from malicious attacks from your home network. However, if your network is not encrypted, hackers can use your IP address to find you. The work of a VPN is to provide a different IP address so that the hackers are directed somewhere else. Therefore, the VPN is an added layer of protection. With the firewall, you are better protected from people with malicious intentions.

Protecting Your Devices

It is now possible to use VPN on mobile apps and smart TVs. For instance, NordVPN allows you to cover several devices. That means that your smartphones, TVs, and tablets can enjoy a high level of security. Therefore, ensure you protect your devices with a VPN for full encryption.


There are numerous benefits of using VPNs. Today, the world needs as much online protection as it can get. Therefore, VPNs secure your data and IP address details. This way, your browsing activities are private. Additionally, you can shop, travel, and stream videos without geo-location bias. Take control of your online presence and keep things confidential with a good VPN.

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