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How to Choose the Right VPN Service?

The VPN service is a way to remain anonymous in the global network and to have access to the restricted resources on the web. Looking for that, nothing is to compare with VPN for the time being. There are various VPN services, available on the Internet. Some of them are free of charge, others are offered at different prices.

When choosing VPN Canada can offer, one should think carefully. To make the  right choice of the VPN service, you should determine the goals why you need to  be anonymous on the net and why you are looking for the IP-address change. A  standard set of functions, offered by service providers, normally includes:

1. Anonymizer or  Proxy Server
 It is used for  disguising the real IP, replacing it with another one. Most VPN services allow  the user to change the IP address on the run, without any reconnection. In  addition, there is a list of address upon countries to choose at the user’s  request.

2. VPN Chains
 This option  greatly complicates the determination of the real user’s IP-address, because  requests pass through multiple VPN servers. The VPN chain is a chain of  multiple VPN servers through which the traffic passes from the user to the  specific Internet resource. The scheme looks like this: User -- VPN Server –  Internet Resources. The main advantage of VPN chains is the ability to preserve  anonymity. For instance, a user from Canada connects to a server in China and  visit a site in Canada. Judging by logs of Internet providers, it will be  visible that somebody from China entered the website in Canada. Providers in  China are able to determine who switched on to their VPN server from Canada.  But if there one more link in this chain, suppose, in Hong Kong, the  determination of the Canadian user will be very difficult.
 Double VPN chain  means a chain of two VPN servers, triple chain has three VPNs, and quadruple  has four. To present the double VPN, the user is connected over an encrypted  connection to the VPN server and the server connects via the secure VPN to the  server in its turn, and that one goes online. This way the rate of information  security through several connections greatly increases.

3. VPN + TOR
 TOR networks with  VPN connections can be applied to increase the rate of anonymity. It is very convenient to use a VPN with Tor browser because The TOR  network gives the client high anonymity and VPN servers protect data in transit. TOR and VPN can be used together in the following scheme: Client --VPN  Server – TOR -- Internet. The use this connection hides the presence of TOR  from ISP.

4. Mixing of  Ordinary Clients’ Requests with TOR traffic
 The developers of  TOR browser routing ensured the maximum anonymity for users. This is almost  impossible to identify them in this case.

When Anonymity is  Important
 When the anonymity  of the users is above all, it is recommended to select items 2, 3 or 4. The  option 4 allows subscribers to access the closed domain zones with TOR browser  surfing only. Probably, some people is familiar with hacking into social  networks or payment systems. The reason for this is simple. The hackers replace  the DNS name of the desired service and redirect the user to the fake site with  an almost identical interface. After entering login and password, the system  failures fictitiously, and the user is redirected to another portal. DNSSEC,  described in p.5, prevents this situation by checking the conformity of the  IP-address and the domain name.

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