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Dan O'Toole and Natasha Staniszewski Part of TSN Cuts

This is day three of the Bell Media GTA cuts... if you're just joining us, here's parts one and two:

I take no pleasure in this reporting. It's not my job, it doesn't make me any money, and I feel awful for everyone affected. But, recording almost 800 episodes of Toronto Mike'd has made me many, many friends, so I organically ended up with numerous sources "on the inside". So I feel a responsibility to share what I know to be true with regards to these mass firings by a federally regulated company who just received $122 million in federal government pandemic labour subsidies.

Dan O'Toole was one half of the popular Jay and Dan duo. Their story is pretty interesting in that they were recruited for big bucks by Fox Sports in the US and returned prodigal son style. It's well covered in my first episode with Jay Onrait.

It's interesting that Jay and Dan have been broken up by Bell Media mere days after it was announced that Tim and Sid are being broken up by Rogers.

Dan O'Toole visited my home studio in May 2018 and you can hear that epic episode here.

I've never had the pleasure of meeting Natasha Staniszewski but enjoyed her work. Hopefully this concludes the lengthy list of causalities from this round of Bell Media cuts.

Update: I've since learned that Kristian Jack is also part of the TSN cuts,

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