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Top Tips for Following the 2020 Euros from Canada

With the 2020 UEFA Euro championship finally gearing up to take place, now is an excellent time to begin to work out which teams you are going to be following here. This always proves to be an exciting set of matches and you don’t want to miss out. Just because you are in Canada means that you are not going to lose out on viewing these exciting games. Here are some of our top tips for following what will happen in the 2020 Euros from Canada.

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Check Out the Group Stages

With a big tournament such as this, the first place you should always try to glean a little insight from should be the group stage announcements. Even just by looking at the teams who are playing here will give you some keen insight into what you might expect from these early matches.

For example, Group D will see England and Scotland pitted against each other, also fighting against Croatia and the Czech Republic for a place in the next round. This is Scotland’s first appearance in the Euros in 22 years, and that they are facing their old rivals England at this early stage means that we are likely to see some amazing football played.

Another group to keep a close eye on is Group F. Here you will find Germany, France, Hungary, and Portugal. With Portugal as the defending Euros champions, France as the winners of the 2018 World Cup, and Germany always forming an impressive opponent, this group is likely to generate a lot of interest.

See What the Experts Have to Say

One of the best parts of big tournaments such as this where you can see some world-class games from the top players of the moment is that it always comes with vibrant commentary and a lot of chances to learn more about the sport. There are so many insights that you could pick up from checking out the content that they are inspiring. From news articles to blogs to podcasts, there is always going to be something new and exciting to enjoy as so much is happening in the sport all at once.

You should also have a look to see what the bookies are saying about each match. Browsing their odds to see who the favourites to win are could give you some keen insight into how the match might turn out. By finding a good site through somewhere like, you will often be able to discover not just the favourites to win but also tips about who might be the first to score.

Find a Stream

Though the time difference might make things a little difficult, you should consider tuning in for a few of the matches, especially if it is a big one like the final. Since this is a big tournament that gets a lot of attention even outside of Europe, you might be able to find a bar near you that is airing the match.

If not, it should be fairly easy to track down an app or platform that will allow you to view the matches you want to see from the comfort of your own home. Sometimes you might encounter a few blocks due to geo-restrictions. With a little luck, a VPN should be able to get around these so you can still find a stream that works for you.

Get Ready to Watch!

There is going to be so much happening in this tournament and it will make it into a really fun event for spectators. With so many matches taking place all across Europe, it might be difficult for you to decide which ones you want to tune in for. Do you have a team in mind that you wish to support, or will you just be making a decision between each match? Both tactics mean that you will likely go through some fantastic highs and lows throughout the tournament. No matter what you decide, this tournament is likely to be one of the best big events within the sport this year. Tune in, and get ready to see some brilliant games of football unlike anything you might have seen before!

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