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Win it for Roy Halladay, the greatest starting pitcher in Blue Jays history. He won 148 games, a Cy Young Award and was all class during a dozen seasons in Toronto. To pitch in the postseason, he had to leave for Philadelphia.

Win it for Carlos Delgado, the all-time leader for home runs, doubles, runs scored, walks and RBIs as a Toronto Blue Jay. He wasn't just deadly at the plate, he was also drenched in integrity. 12 seasons as a Jay, zero at-bats in the playoffs.

Win it for Vernon Wells, another 12-year Blue Jay who deserved a far better fate. Classy guy who just hit and hit but never got a sniff of the postseason.

Win it for Edwin Encarnacion, a man who speaks softly but carries a big stick. 1353 games without a postseason at-bat is finally coming to a deserved end.

Most of all, win it for Jose Bautista. This one's for him. Joey Bats had little success in Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Kansas City or Pittsburgh before coming to Toronto and reinventing himself as the greatest slugger this franchise has ever seen. In darker days, we had Bautista and his bombs, 54 in 2010 and 43 during an unbelievable 2011. Today, he plays his 1404th career game, his very first in the postseason. Win it for him.

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