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The Canadian Euchre Rule

The Canadian Euchre Rule

I hear the Habs came back from a 3-goal deficit with under four minutes remaining against the Sens last night.  I missed it completely, because with the Leafs not playing on HNIC,  I was participating in a family Euchre tournament.  It was guys against gals and we guys were victorious.

We play with Canadian euchre rules. They're the standard rules with one key variation.  When the dealer's partner orders the dealer to "pick it up", the partner must attempt the hand as a loner.

I didn't realize this was a canadian variation, i just assumed this rule was standard across the globe.  I don't understand why it isn't a standard rule considering how much sense it makes.

When you play euchre, do you play with this Canadian variation? Did you know it was a Canadian rule?

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