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Starting From Scratch with Baby Stuff

Starting From Scratch with Baby Stuff

My wife will be 27 weeks pregnant on Wednesday.  That's got us thinking about all the stuff we'll need for our newborn son.

It's been a decade since I went through this with my daughter, and we still had most of the baby stuff from her older brother, who was only two at the time.  But to be honest, I thought I was done, so I didn't keep a damn thing.  Now, we're essentially starting from scratch.

So far we've bought one item, a new high chair from a Sears clearance sale.  My wife has been doing her homework with regards to which stroller she wants, which car seat makes sense and what crib little Jarvis Henry will be sleeping in.  We need it all.

If you have any baby stuff you don't need anymore, let me know.  Except a high chair... that I've taken care of.

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