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What Makes You Happy?

What Makes You Happy?

During today's bike ride, I started thinking how happy it made me.  Rain, shine or snow, I love jumping on my bike and going for a ride.  It's a chance to get outside, get some exercise, and solve the world's problems.

Then I started thinking of other things that make me happy.  I was happy playing Jeopardy with my wife last night.  I know I'll be happy skating with the kids tonight.  I was happy to learn my buddy Mike will be home for Christmas.  Lots of things make me happy.

Even little things make me happy.  I was happy hearing someone say they enjoyed my Christmas podcast so much they shared it with friends and family.  It always makes me happy to see people I genuinely like, and nothing beats a good conversation over good food and/or coffee.  Generally speaking, I'm a very happy guy.

I have one simple question for all of you and I'm hoping you'll take a moment to answer.  What makes you happy?

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