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Always Use the Divider in Grocery Stores (Amirite???)

Why You Should Always Use the Divider in Grocery Stores

Commenter Ben doesn't always use the divider when putting his groceries on the conveyer belt.  He also calls the divider "a baton", which may or may not be the proper term. I haven't got around to Googling that one yet...

Ben just tweeted at me that he's not an asshole because he doesn't use the grocery store divider.  Apparently, I called him an asshole during the most recent episode of Toronto Mike'd. I can't exactly recall as Rosie got me sugar drunk on peppermint mocha before I clicked "record".

As a one-time grocery clerk at the Galleria Mall Food City who occasionally worked as a cashier for extra hours let me tell you how nice it is when your divider removes the guess work.  Don't make the poor cashier decide for him or herself whether the groceries belong to you or the person in front or behind you.  Use the damn divider.

Two second of effort keeps the system intact. Don't be an asshole!


What do you think about the grocery store divider?  Are there times when you won't use it (assuming there's one there)?  Is that really okay?

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