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I'm Banning Irvine

I'm Banning Irv

I've asked Mark Irvine a.k.a. Irv to stop commenting on this blog.  If he does comment, I'll delete it.

I didn't arrive at this conclusion lightly.  Earlier today I received a second threat from him this week. Quite simply, I'm not going to accept that.

This blog, which turns 11 later this week, has always been a hobby of mine where I've honed communication, digital marketing and web authoring skills.  It's also a great deal of fun for me.  I've often said, when this stops being fun, I'll shut it down.

Being threatened by Irv is not fun. I've had it.  He joins Dave Williams in a very exclusive club of those banned from commenting here.

If you think I'm being too harsh, I'd love for you to comment below.  As always, I welcome alternative viewpoints and opinions.

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