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Runnymede Theatre: From Chapters to Shoppers Drug Mart

Runnymede Theatre: From Chapters to Shoppers Drug Mart

As a kid and teenager, the old Runnymede Theatre on Bloor Street was one of the two movie theatres I frequented.  I wrote about my Runnymede Theatre memories seven years ago.

When the theatre was closing, there was concern whether the new tenants would be able to preserve the history and beauty of this old vaudeville theatre.  I was very pleased with the job Chapters did, as you'll see from these photos I took.

Runnymede Chapters
I'm still awfully impressed with how they preserved the old Runnymede Theatre

Unfortunately, Chapters won't be renewing their lease and will be leaving this great historical space. A Shoppers Drug Mart is moving in, and I worry about how they'll treat the great interior.

I'll be keeping my good eye on this one...

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