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Why I Get the Flu Shot (And Why You Should Too)

Vaccination Distrust and Herd Immunity Compromise

I'll keep this brief, because it's become an annual event on this blog. If you want a longer version, read "Vaccination Myths Compromise Herd Immunity".

I always get the flu shot and my kids always get the flu shot. My mom and brothers get the flu shot as well, but I promised I'd keep this brief, so on to the highlights...

3 reasons you should get the flu shot:

It's the best show in town
No, the flu shot isn't perfect, but it's the best show in town. Even if it's only 65% accurate that's far better than 0% and even if you are in the group that gets sick despite a vaccine, your illness will be milder and shorter. Why get sick if you don't have to?

Do it for others
Even if you're as healthy as a horse and never get sick, do it for those you come in contact with who are less healthy, very young or very old. Do it for them if you're too stubborn to do it for yourself. Why be a carrier? Getting a flu shot is simply good citizenship.

The flu shot won't make you sick
This might be my biggest pet peeve at this time of year. Otherwise intelligent people will tell you they don't want to get the flu shot because it puts the virus in your body.  A flu shot is made with dead virus cells and cannot and will not make you sick. It's an impossibility.  Dead virus cells are dead. Period.

Do yourself and others a favour this year and get your flu shot.  It will even reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke...

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