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Hating Your Favourite Team: 2013 Blue Jays Edition

Fool's Gold: Early Thoughts on the 2013 Blue Jays

I knew back in April we were sold fool's gold.  The Jays looked awful coming out the gate, and there was no inkling that they would reverse course and actually compete for a playoff spot.  By the end of April, it was going to take a minor miracle for my brother to win our $50 bet.  On paper, he saw a playoff team.  On the field, I saw a team that would be lucky to win 75 games.

Before I proceed, let me just say that it's perfectly okay to hate your favourite team.  I'm a Jays fan and have been since '83, and I'll die a Jays fan, but that doesn't mean I need to wear blinders and love what I see.  There have been Leafs teams in the past that I've hated, and I happen to hate the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays.  That doesn't make me a traitor or a bad fan or a bandwagon jumper.  That just makes me a realist.

The 2013 Toronto Blue Jays are limping to the finish line, buried in dead last in the AL East with a dismal .444 winning percentage.  They threw in an extra wild card spot and we're still 16 games back.  I find it very, very difficult to watch this team that seems to lack discipline, fundamentals and major league pitching.  I'd rather stroll down to the local park and watch Little League.

When you hate your favourite team, you're left with one thing: hope.  Having mortgaged the future for this crop of overpriced underachievers, there's little hope for 2014.  In fact, it looks like the same team, complete with the same overrated underachieving manager.  What's going to be different in 2014?


It's okay to hate your favourite team, so long as you don't adopt a new one.  I'd never do that... it's not in my DNA.  I'll be back next April, tuning in and grasping onto whatever hope I can salvage from this pitiful wreck.

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