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Getting the Hang of Power Outages

Getting the Hang of Power Outages

Friday evening, that little thunder storm knocked out our power for almost five hours.  That was less than two weeks removed from the storm that knocked out our power for almost 24-hours.  I'm starting to get the hang of these power outages.

Friday, for example, wasn't inconvenient at all.  In fact, it was pretty sweet.  I lit some candles, grabbed my crank radio with flashlight and my George Carlin anthology and chilled.

At 9pm I was reading Carlin with the flashlight while listening to the Jays game.  It was like camping without the bugs.

Speaking of camping, it always amuses me that these power outages present such a major inconvenience yet I'm camping with the family next week and that means no lights, no TV, no computers, no fridge, no microwave and no A/C.

Of course, there's a reason camping is fun while power outages are a pain in the ass.  It's all in the planning...

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