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Still Stunned... Still Bummed #Leafs

Still Stunned... Still Bummed #Leafs

I still can't believe it...

You follow a team for decades... watch them in the preseason, catch every regular season game you can, then buckle up for the playoffs.  Heading in, you have reasonable expectations.  I thought Boston would beat us in 5 or 6.  I never liked the matchup, in fact, I think it was the worst matchup possible.

Last night's collapse with a 4-1 lead in game seven and only 10 minutes left in the game was so cruel, so intensely painful, a day later I'm still stunned and totally bummed.  I feel awful.... like a good friend just punched me in the gut.  I still can't believe it happened.

I remember the loss to LA in the Campbell Conference finals.  Game 7 was a devastating loss, with a finals against Montreal waiting in the wings, but this feel so much worse.  Up 4-1, I was planning Leafs parties for the Leafs-Rangers series, a series in which we'd have home-ice advantage.  I was so excited for my kids, my city and myself, a lifelong Leafs fan who jumped 4-feet in the air when Kadri scored.

Go Leafs Go!

I realize it was just a game, and when I step back and get perspective, I realize how silly it is that I feel this way, but this one hurts.

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