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Your Blog Sucks: My New Podcast

Your Blog Sucks: My New Podcast

It's been a blast co-hosting Toronto Mike'd with my good friend Rose, so we're going to keep going.  That's right, after some stressful negotiation sessions, I've managed to lock Rose up with a sweet 5-year contract.  We're recording episode 38 next week.

I will be launching a new podcast, however, with my buddy Elvis.  Elvis and I will start recording Your Blog Sucks next week.  The tone of Your Blog Sucks will be a little brasher, a little more sarcastic and slightly less mature.  It'll be a completely different show from Toronto Mike'd and we hope you'll give it a listen.


We'll try to keep it to 30 minutes a week and keep it interesting and funny.  Fear not Elvis, there's a first time for everything.

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