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That One Batman I Never Saw and What Went Wrong

That One Batman I Never Saw

I recently revisited the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy.   Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises were all great.  It might be my favourite trilogy not starring Mark Hamill.

I remember the Batman buzz during the summer of '89.  Tim Burton's Batman didn't disappoint this 15-year old, and the sequel Batman Returns was also pretty good.  Burton's Batmans weren't as good as Nolan's Batmans, but it was still quality cinema.

I didn't care for Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever.  I think I just missed the darkness of Burton's movies.  When Batman & Robin came out in '97, I had no interest.  I never did see that movie.

Apparently, I didn't miss anything.  It sounds like it was awful.  Here's a great glimpse into what went wrong...

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