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k.d. lang's Hair vs. My Hair

k.d. lang's Hair vs. My Hair

Waiting for Mad Men to start last night, we checked out a little of the Juno Awards.  They were honouring k.d. lang, who made a great speech about letting your freak flag fly.  That's when my girlfriend Monica told me k.d. lang and I share the same hair.

Ever since I started swimming each day, my hair has been a little crazy.  It's naturally thick, and I've been wearing it a little long over the winter, and the chlorine makes it stick up.  This pic gives you an idea.

2013-03-16 16.37.05

Here's k.d. lang last night.  My hair is a little whiter, but it's essentially the same style.


By the way, my plan is to grow my hair until the wedding.  Watch out Dr. Emmett Brown!

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