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Does Anyone Else Like Mike Wilner?

Mike Wilner

I like Mike Wilner.  I follow him on Twitter and always enjoy his appearances on The FAN 590.  He knows his baseball, particularly Blue Jays baseball, and I appreciate his lack of tolerance for ignorance and nonsense.

Some people find this attitude disrespectful and rude.  I had some Twitter conversations yesterday with people who outright dislike him.

@torontomike @soundinmymemory is wrong. I personally cannot stand his self-righteous att. But others like it, so they listen in. I tune out— Mike Gamble (@MikeGamble) March 26, 2013
@soundinmymemory @torontomike I don't question he has a wealth of knowledgebut I am with @mikegamble. His candor does not warrant respect.— Mat Calverley (@MatCalverley) March 26, 2013
@mikegamble @torontomike As do I.I turn he game off almost always before he comes on.Sometimes I'll listen for a little to anger myself.— Rob Brown (@soundinmymemory) March 26, 2013

Does anyone else like Mike Wilner?  What do you think of him as a Blue Jays analyst?

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