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University of Toronto '95-'96 Datebook

University of Toronto '95-'96 Datebook

I'm going through a few old crates trying to get rid of crap I don't really need to keep.  One box is full of old relics like my 1995-1996 University of Toronto datebook.

2013-01-07 11.07.23.jpg

As I peruse this datebook, I see it was my Google Calendar before I had a Google Calendar.  Everything went in this book and there was no backup!

2013-01-07 11.09.53.jpg
2013-01-07 11.11.05.jpg

I also found the two pieces of identification I used most in '95-'96.

2013-01-07 11.29.56.jpg

2 for 1 Movies got me through university!

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