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Ping!!! NHL Lockout Ends

Ping!!! NHL Lockout Ends

I've been so fed up with the NHL and NHLPA CBA negotiations, I've been telling everyone who will listen to just ping me when it's over.  This morning, I received several pings.  I guess the lockout is over and we'll have a season.

Immediately, I'm hit with two different sensations.  One is anger that we had to wait 113 days and that they'd do this to us after cancelling the 2004-2005 season.  They fought over a multi-billion dollar pie and we suffer.  Screw 'em.

The other is delight that NHL hockey is back.  I watched the entire Marlies game yesterday because I miss Leafs hockey.  I've been watching for 30 years and it's a fun pastime that I can share with my family and friends.  Nothing's better than sitting down on a Saturday night to watch the Leafs game with my kids. Even Monica has become a big fan instead of merely a casual follower looking for a good site to bet on march madness.

So no, there's no boycott here.  I'll still watch, and if you give me a ticket, I'll even go to the ACC.  And I even have silly fantasies in my head where we slip into 8th and actually win a playoff game or two.  I know it's crazy, but it's what we Leaf fans hope for.

Compare the tone of this entry to my entry when the NHL and NHLPA ended the last work stoppage.  I was just damn happy then.  Now I'm happy but more than a little jaded.

How do you feel about the NHL returning?

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