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The Desktop Isn't Dead

The Desktop Isn't Dead

Sales of desktop computers have slowed while sales of laptops and tablets have taken off.  Welcome to 2013.

I'm here to claim the desktop isn't dead.  Although I'm writing this entry from a MacBook Pro, the bulk of my 9-5 work is performed on a desktop PC.  It's my most comfortable work station and the entire set up, excluding the 17 inch flat panel screen I've been using for the past decade, cost me less than $300.

I should point out my desktop is running Ubuntu Linux, a free O/S, which did bring down the cost, but it's fast, reliable and acts as my de-facto work station.  It's about five years old and if sales of the desktop are declining, this is probably the biggest reason.  Your five year old desktop works as well today as it did when you bought it.  There's been no need to upgrade.

Who else still uses a desktop computer for work or play?  If you're using a desktop computer, how old is it?

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