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5 Things I've Learned After 4 Months of Swimming

5 Things I've Learned After 4 Months of Swimming

I've been swimming every weekday for four months.  Here's what I've learned after four months of swimming.

If you're swimming in chlorine as I am, get yourself a good pair of goggles.  My Nike goggles have saved my eyes.


Even with a good pair of goggles, a little chlorine is going to get in your eyes and you're going to start resembling a pothead.  Bonus tip for potheads: tell your employer and colleagues that you're a swimmer.


Your hair will never be the same, so you're going to need a good clarifying shampoo.


Don't swallow the water.  It's not nearly as tasty as it looks.  Bonus tip: don't chew gum while you swim.


Instead of counting lengths, time your swim so you can solve the world's problems.  There's no better place to think than in the pool, and you don't want to waste that thinking by keeping track of your lap count.

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