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Meet Rosie: The Co-Host of Toronto Mike'd

Rosie: The Co-Host of Toronto Mike'd

It was July when I decided I'd try hosting a podcast of my own.  With access to the Humble and Fred studio and a thorough knowledge of the back-end of XML and iTunes, I just needed a theme song and an awesome co-host.

The theme song, "Toronto Mike'd (City Love)", came courtesy of iLLvibe and I still dig it.  But who would be my co-host? I'd need someone dependable, smart, comfortable on a microphone and, most importantly, someone I had excellent chemistry with.  Such people do not grow on trees!

I immediately thought of Rosie.  I've known Rosie since grade 10 and was once so reliant on her I literally had her pick all of my classes one year at U of T.  Hell, she gave me the bed I slept on as a teenager, and my 10-year old sleeps on that bed to this day.  Rosie gets me, has lots of broadcasting experience, and is completely reliable.  And there's no way she's say no to this non-paying gig!  Rosie would never say no to me.


And she didn't.  Every Tuesday at 5pm I know Rosie will meet me at the studio to record an episode or two of Toronto Mike'd.  We don't always agree on things, but I know the discussions and debates will be lively and organic and we'll have fun.


So thanks, Rosie.  I'm looking forward to recording episode #19 with you tonight.

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