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The Camera is Dead. Long Live the Camera.

The Camera is Dead. Long Live the Camera.

After years of owning an Olympus digital camera, I picked up a Canon PowerShot camera a few years ago for $199.  It was the only digital camera I used, and it did a fine job.

It was also my only option.  The camera built into my old Blackberry was pretty bad.  At least it wasn't nearly as good as my Canon PowerShot.  But then, in October, I switched from Blackberry to a Samsung Galaxy S and all of that changed.

Here's a picture of my Canon PowerShot camera, taken with the camera built into my Samsung Galaxy S Android phone.


I recently went to Amsterdam and never touched the Canon.  Then I went camping, and once again the Canon collected dust.  I can no longer justify bringing along a second single-task device when my multi-use device takes better pictures.

The stand-alone POS digital camera is dead.

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