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Oh So Quiet: The Hybrid's Silent!


At some point this afternoon, I have to return the Lincoln MKZ + Hybrid I've been driving since last Wednesday.  I love this car, and believe Ford should let me keep it!

One thing that takes some time getting used to is how completely quiet the Lincoln Hybrid is.  When you turn the ignition, your only clue that the car is on is a small green icon on the dashboard.  There is no sound.  It's completely silent.

Driving the Lincoln Hybrid is equally quiet.  You don't hear the engine, and if you turn off the air conditioner and sound system, there is absolutely no noise.  It's a little unsettling at first, but then you get used to it.

montreal 005

I hope my ears can handle it when I return to my '99 Mazda in a couple of hours.

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