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Motorola Xoom Arrives - Early Thoughts on the Xoom


I'm trying to play with as many iPad challengers as possible in my little Tablet Talent Show.  So far I've got a Touchpad from HP, a Playbook from RIM and now a Xoom from Motorola.  The Xoom just arrived yesterday.


The Xoom arrived running Android 3.2 Honeycomb, which makes it the first Android device I've ever had the opportunity to test drive.  Right away, it wanted my Google account info so it could fully integrate with the Google services I already use.

Because I'm a Google bigot, who swears by Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, etc, I welcomed this.  We were off and flying in seconds flat, and my Google Account even gave me access to the impressive Market of Apps available for an Android.  I quickly installed apps for Google+, Twitter, Facebook, IMDB and other staples of my web life.

Both the Playbook and Xoom reigned supreme over the now unsupported Touchpad when it came to apps, and all three seem to handle multiple concurrent activities better than the iPad.

I'm happy to try other iPad competitors during this Tablet Talent Show, so drop me a line if you can hook me up with a Transformer, Galaxy or whatever else is out there.  There's room for more.

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